Année scolaire 2009/2010

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Pumpkin soup

A Delicious Pumpkin Soup

20th October 2009 / 7 – 10 years old children

Cat, Squirrel, and Duck have a very serious problem: there are no ripe pumpkins in the garden for their favorite soup! They’ll have to make something else, but while Cat and Squirrel are willing to experiment, all Duck wants is pumpkin soup. He won’t even try a taste of the fish soup or mushroom soup, or beet soup. Can Cat and Squirrel find a way to please their fussy friend?

Children were lead into the theme of the workshop through this wonderful story. We learned words for all the yummy vegetables Cat and Squirrel bought at the market to prepare the different soups and we had a closer look at the recipes! By that time all of us were hungry and ready for some cooking on our own! We decided who is going to be the cook, who the helpers, who is going to cut the onions and the pumpkin of course! Needless to say, the pumpkin soup WAS delicious!


Winnie the Witch

This book features two characters; Winnie the witch, and her pet cat Wilbur. Together they live in a black house completed with entirely black furnishing. This is problematic because Wilbur is black as well so he blends into his surroundings, causing Winnie to constantly trip over him. In attempt to fix the problem, Winnie turns Wilbur green, but this is unsuccessful because he can't be seen when he's in the grass. After Wilbur has been turned several different colors, each one resulting unsuccessfully, Winnie comes up with the brilliant idea of making the house colorful and keeping Wilbur black, which is exactly what she does to fix the problem once and for all.

Who wouldn’t dream of having a magic wand to be able to fix all the problems? Children love Winnie the Witch and laughed a lot on her tripping over Wilbur all the time. Hand craft activity with conkers and many other activities kept children busy and creative.

Christmas Party

Saturday December 19th 2009

What a great time we had! Creating lovely decorations and writing chrismas cards kept the children busy and engaged. They did some real artistic creations. The children’s favourite was definately Jenny’s Cookie decorating centre - plenty of delicious and original cookies were made there. And let´s not forget the punch! Great punch that we had thanks to the parents who were not afraid to put on aprons and to disappear in our kitchen . I guess there must have been some magic going on because the xmas punch they prepared turned out to be the best xmas punch ever!

Alice in Wonderland